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So you want to watch Satellite TV on your PC? There is something very important you must know: Most Satellite TV on PC providers are flat out terrible!

It is critical that you do your research so you don't get stuck with outdated software, poor sound and picture quality and slower-than-molasses video streaming.

That's where we come in. We have spent a great amount of time testing several different TV to PC products and put together what we think are the three best providers. All three companies we recommend provide the following great features:

No Satellite TV FeesYes
Unlimited access to thousands of channels
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No Satellite TV FeesYes
Awesome sound and picture quality
No Satellite TV FeesYes
Easy to install software - no extra computer hardware needed!
No Satellite TV FeesYes
Fast streaming speeds
No Satellite TV FeesYes
Top-notch customer support from anywhere in the world
No Satellite TV FeesYes
100% money back guarantee
No Satellite TV FeesYes
Completely legal

Get 3,500 Stations for a small one-time fee!

Why Pay Over $90/Month For Cable or Satellite TV When You Can Get Thousands Of Channels On Your PC or Laptop For A Small One-Time Fee?

SATALLITE TV is the gateway to having both national and international entertainment and news at your fingertips! Get Thousands Of Channels On Your PC or Laptop For A Small One-Time Fee?

Please use the information below to determine which provider is best for you....

Total Comparison
Side-By-Side Comparison
Satellite Direct TV
iSatellite Link
Overall Rating
Visit Website
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Ease of Use
Cost & Value
Specifications - Cost & Value - Technical Support
Internet TV Provider
Satellite Direct TV
iSatellite Link
Number of Channels
TV on Demand
Instant Access
Satelite Radio Included
Service Available Worldwide
No Additional Hardware Needed
Installation Time
Less than 3 Minutes
Less than 5 Minutes
Less than 5 Minutes
Unlimited Bandwidth & Usage
100% Full Money Back Time Allowed
60 Days
60 Days
60 Days
Cost & Plans

$49.95 One Time Fee for Lifetime & No Additional Charges Over Time

One time payment of $44.95
One time payment of $39.95
Email Suport
Live Suport


Watch live TV sports, music videos, comedies, movies, news, documentaries, cartoons, and MUCH MORE from around the globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! This program works with all versions of Windows operating systems and will work on your computer, guaranteed. You will need a broadband internet connection to hook up to the Satellite TV streams and that's it! Everything else is taken care of for you. Save thousands of dollars in monthly cable and satellite TV bills with this program!

Our softwares suits your needs especially if you:

Satellite TV Would like a larger selection of channels, that your current provider does not offer.

Satellite TV Are tired of missing all your favourite TV shows due to not having the channels with your current subscription.

Satellite TV Would like to watch all your favourite sports live from all across the world, directly on your PC.

Satellite TV Are fed up of paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year on satellite/cable TV.

Satellite TV Travel a lot and are not able to watch your favourite TV shows due to this.

Satellite TV Live in a country that does not provide satellite and would like the opportunity to watch thousands of TV channels.

Special Offer Today, , , see our price below.

Satellite Direct TV

SatelliteDirect is our top choice for watching TV online and it continues to exceed our expectations with each update. It does what it promises, allowing you to watch over 3,500 channels in high resolution. The interface is well designed, and it just feels a bit more refined than the competition. It also has a few unique features:

1) Provides a search tool that allows you to find specific content quickly and avoid endless channel surfing.

2) Includes premium channels (Movie Channels, Food Network, ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox, CBS, NFL Network, NBA TV, BBC, HDTV1, many more).

3) When you move your cursor over a channel name it gives you a pop-up text description of the channel. This is a huge time saver because the channel names don't always make it obvious what they're about.

4) Responsive interface. Channels appear on screen almost instantly. (Most softwares have a 5 to 10 second lag when changing channels, which feels like a long time if you're looking for something to watch.)

At the time of this review (October 2011) SatelliteDirect is on sale for $49.95 (one-time fee) which is 70% off. Highly recommended.


Screenshot Gallery

TV-IN-PC gives you access to over 2,150 TV Channels on your laptop or PC. You can watch live TV anywhere in the world. This includes Sports, News, Movies, Music, Weather, Kids Channels, Educational, Shopping, Clips, Radio Stations & much more. You can search for channels by country, or by genres such as "Movies" or "Sports" as well as other categories.

The price is very reasonable for a one time fee of only $44.95 to access over 2150 channels and considering there are no membership fees or monthly bills.

iSatellite Link

iSatelliteLink offers a complete Home Entertainment Solution. With access to over 3,600 HD TV Channels worldwide you can watch categories such as Movies, Music Videos, Sports, Cartoons and more right on your PC or laptop. With iSatelliteLink's simple hook up procedure you can even watch iSatelliteLink right on your currrent TV and either way the quality is excellent. They also include Stream Downloader Video Recorder and Media Converter software which lets you download and convert video files to your handheld devices including iPod, iPhone, and cellphone. The price is very reasonable for a one time fee of only $39.95 and that includes free channel updates for life.


Watching NFL Football Games Live and Other Sports:

Because there are so many channels (and the quality varies so much from channel to channel) it's very important to take the time to go through the entire list and add the ones you like to your list of favorites. If you're mainly looking to watch live sports, NFL games, college football, NBA games, MLB baseball, etc. here are some of the best channels for watching live sports:

ESPN Sat-1
ESPN 2 Sat-1, ESPN 2 Sat-2
ESPN America Sat-1, ESPN America Sat-2
ESPN America Sat-3, ESPN America Sat-4
NFL Network Sat-2
CBS Sat-1, CBS Sat-2
ESPN 2 American Football
ESPN Sat-8
MLB Network Sat-1
NCAA College Football Channel Sat-1
NCAA College Football Channel Sat-2
NCAA College Football Channel Sat-3

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Main Features:

Satellite TVNo monthly fees to pay, or ridiculous equipment to install, with our technology you never pay monthly service fees! Ever!

Satellite TV Instant download, immediately after payment start watching, simple,easy installation

Satellite TV Get up to thousands TV channels worldwide!

Satellite TV No other charges! simply download the software and start enjoying your broadcasts within just 5 minutes!

Satellite TV Live sports events directly on your PC

Satellite TV Works anywhere in the world!

Satellite TV 100% safe/legal guaranteed! The channels we provide are public broadcasts!

Satellite TV Free updates and technical support

Satellite TV Adware and Spyware Free!

Satellite TV Bonus of huge selection of radio stations at no extra cost

Satellite TV Record your favourite TV-shows, movies, cartoons, matches etc, and save them on your computer!

You will receive stations from the following coutries:

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dom Republic


New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Russian Fed
Saudi Arabia

South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
Vatican City
United Kingdom
United States

Satellite tv exampleSee what real people are saying about our service:

"This software allows me to watch all of my favourite channels that I am not able to at home, I am surprised with how many channels this software has and only having to pay for it once means I can enjoy free satellite TV on my PC forever" - James C - UK

"I wasn't expecting so many working channels, I honestly have to say that this little piece of software just blew me away. I can finally enjoy those football games I was always missing while being away from home" - Vadim T - Romania "I couldn't believe how easy the installation was, in a few short minutes I was watching my favorite Italian show that I usually pay a lot for with my local cable company!"
- S. Casado. Los Angeles, California

P.P.S. - And remember, we offer a No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.
You have nothing to lose and all of the risk is on us -
so download Satellite Direct now.